The King's Men

Swearing loyalty to the King of Farwin, the King’s Men take up their motto: “Great Authority; Great Responsibility.”

While the King’s Men are classified as a whole as a guild, they do not follow guild laws or structure. The face of the King’s Men are the parties of experienced adventurers bearing signet rings made to glow for those adventurers. These parties bring reports to a guild building in any of the cities, castles, towns, or outposts. King’s Men working as messengers and other roles operate in these buildings to bring news to the King’s Men headquarters and to the King.

Many rulers have their own king’s men, but the King’s Men’s role in Kingdom of Farwin is vital. As a trade nation, the kingdom needs it’s trade routes open and safe. As guardians of the roads and wilderness, the King’s Men guard the lifeblood of the nation. The towns and cities of Farwin have their own law enforcement and rangers, but those groups aid the King’s Men.

While they have the King’s authority, the King’s Men do not have an official rank or position in the military or political structure. But with the invasion, the King sent a wartime order to the King’s Men to, “Protect this kingdom, by any means.” This may signal a change in the role of the King’s Men

The King's Men

The King's Men DnD_Dan