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Welcome, King’s Men!

You are taking great responsibility and authority by serving the King. Study the role of the King’s Men to see what you have got yourself into.

The Places

Even important people like the King’s Men are dwarfed (no offense to dwarfs) by landmasses. Study the world and how to navigate its lands, seas, and skies.

The People

From individuals to great nations, the King’s Men meet many people and organizations. Brief yourself here to know who to know.

The Situations

Even a study of individual organizations and people will not cover the vast social-political-military-etc effect between organization and people. Yes, there will be talk about wars.

The Events

Yes, this is history. No, there will not be a test. Yes, you do need pay attention.

The Ideas

You know them and some of you are lucky enough to have one or two of your own. Organizations are made of them and some will do great or terrible for them.

The Items

There are many inanimate objects that you need to know about. I am sure you people love to hear about war machines or shiny magical items, but you need to know about all kinds of things.

King’s Men Journals

I don’t need to tell you that many King’s Men have many adventures, but I do need to tell you that adventure logs of relevant ones are included in this section.

Main Page

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