The King's Men

Invasion of Farwin: Defending Alderweg Keep

The Sons of the Empire Attack

The Empire is in ruins to the north. A week after rumors circulated that the Emperor has died, some sort of cataclysm erupted from the Empire’s Capital City. Corrupting magical pools have been appearing in the former Empire, our Kingdom of Farwin, and beyond, linked to debris thrown from that cataclysm. After months of interviewing Imperial refugees and sending small scouting parties into the former Empire, several sources point to new [[Factions: Former Empire | factions]] rising from the former Empire to take control.

You are members of The King’s Men. Your King has asked you to go north to investigate these reports and determine the factions’ dispositions and statuses for possible futures relations. You choose Snake Narrow Pass, the eastern-most path into the empire, to cross the Dragon Teeth Mountain Range. You planning to pass through Alderweg Keep to rest and resupply before trekking in the former Empire.

At Alderweg Keep, you immediately spot something is wrong. The number of soldiers on the keep’s walls are too few to guard the keep. After the King’s Men identify themselves, they are taken to the keep commander…



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