The King's Men

Invasion of Farwin: Flying to City
Fight or Flight? Both!


Invasion of Farwin: Battle of Trahand Castle
Warmachines are Good to Go!

Siege on Trahand Castle

Invasion of Farwin: Gathering an Army
Come for Combat at Canter Castle

The Keep of Alderweg is safe because of you, but new troubles brew. This attack on Alderweg is part of a coordinated invasion of Farwin by the Sons of the Empire.

The ranger successfully captured two of the soldiers from the Son’s army and brought them to the keep’s dungeon as prisoners of war. Since the S. wasn’t there, the ranger left to deliver your report to your King.

The rest of you help patch up the troops and defenses. The morale is high with a total victory and no dead comrades. The sheer number of enemy corpses and the lack of available grave site forces the soldiers to pitch the corpses over the cliff. After the battle and the repair work, you stay for the night.

The messenger, who gave you the letter concerning the invasion, has left at dawn to try to contact any scouts and King’s Men still in the former Empire.

You interrogate the prisoners for information. They willing tell you what they know about the Sons of the Empire’s leader and the mysterious commander. They are just foot soldiers, so they don’t know anything else relevant.

You are summoned by a soldier of the keep to meet at the grounds with the [[:tiera everflame | keep commander]]. You enter the keep’s ground where a group of twenty knights wait by the Farwin gate while a [[:C’s sorcerer | well-dressed man ]] talks quietly with the commander, who is seated in a chair. The commander greets you and thanks you for your successful defense of the keep. She introduces you to the man, a sorcerer and fellow King’s Man. He will join you and the knights will be your escort. He explains that armies must be gathered and you can help at Canter Castle.

You head back into Farwin to Canter Castle to raise an army…

Invasion of Farwin: Defending Alderweg Keep
The Sons of the Empire Attack

The Empire is in ruins to the north. A week after rumors circulated that the Emperor has died, some sort of cataclysm erupted from the Empire’s Capital City. Corrupting magical pools have been appearing in the former Empire, our Kingdom of Farwin, and beyond, linked to debris thrown from that cataclysm. After months of interviewing Imperial refugees and sending small scouting parties into the former Empire, several sources point to new [[Factions: Former Empire | factions]] rising from the former Empire to take control.

You are members of The King’s Men. Your King has asked you to go north to investigate these reports and determine the factions’ dispositions and statuses for possible futures relations. You choose Snake Narrow Pass, the eastern-most path into the empire, to cross the Dragon Teeth Mountain Range. You planning to pass through Alderweg Keep to rest and resupply before trekking in the former Empire.

At Alderweg Keep, you immediately spot something is wrong. The number of soldiers on the keep’s walls are too few to guard the keep. After the King’s Men identify themselves, they are taken to the keep commander…

Welcome to the King's Men: Invasion of Farwin
An Opening for Invasion of Farwin

Welcome to the campagain: “Invasion of Farwin”!

In the King’s Men world I am making, this is going to be the first campaign.

To prepare for the first session, make a level 10 character. Same item loadout as usual: one level 9 item, one level 10 item, one level 11, and almost any item you can afford with the level specific gold amount.

Just a intro to the campaign: you are the King’s Men, part of a guild sworn to serve the King of Farwin and wield His authority. Use this webpage if you need more information: King’s Men


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